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Caren Roddy was amazing to work with.  Not only did she transform my home beautifully (taking care of every tiny detail), she was a delight to work with.  Her sense of style, humor and work ethic are to be admired.  She thought of everything!  Caren is creative and can tackle any problem.  I couldn’t believe how great my home looked using a minimum of new stuff.  I only wish I had thought to hire her before I moved out.

- liz f.


I cannot thank you enough for the reorganization of my classroom. It continues to be a breath of fresh air walking in there. You helped me envision a clearer view of how to organize the areas. Your gift of organization is truly a blessing to all who work with you. 

- pamela m.


When I first met Caren my possessions were scattered throughout my house, with not even my bedroom dedicated to one purpose - it contained two large bookcases that made me feel as if I were sleeping in a library.  Although I have a fairly large garage, I wasn't able to park my car in it because it was crammed with things I hadn't used for years.  I had a small room off the garage that was also jam-packed with unexamined possessions.


Caren helped me convert the spare room into a comfortable TV-viewing and reading space.  We went through the many boxes and cupboards whose contents I'd forgotten, and found that it made sense to donate or discard most of them.  The small room off the garage became my office, and no longer are there papers scattered all over the house.  My car is parked in the garage nowadays, so that it stays clean and is easily accessible if I want something out of it.  Caren didn't force any of these changes on me; instead she proposed solutions and let me choose.


-virginia n.

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